Frequently Asked Questions

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How to use Teriler?

Teriler is a talent and skills exchange platform that allows you to promote your skills, team up and collaborate with other talented people in your locality.

We have made the interaction and connections between skilled people, clients and people looking to team up and  collaborate far more easier.

Using Teriler is completely FREE. All you need is a working email, password and other simple information about you. Using our platform is completely FREE and it will forever be. Some services such as virtual consultancy and Futureprep may require some payment.

There is no age age limit for using our platform, however in order to maintain a level of maturity on our platform registered users should be at least 11 years of age at the time of registration.

Our platform is open to all users around the world. Most of the features are currently open predominantly to Nigerians but will soon be opened to the rest of the world.

Our platform is built with AJAX technology, which allows you to search for any specific person or item. All you need is to go ahead and type in whatever or whoever you are looking for and it will pop up.

Getting Started

Creating an account to join Teriler is very easy. Simply click on create an account or register button to create your account. Remember to check both your email INBOX and SPAM folder for the activation link we will send to you immediately after creating the account.

After creating your account, remember to check both your email INBOX and SPAM folder for the activation link we will send to you immediately after creating the account.

Editing your account is easy. After login to Teriler. Click on the avatar (profile image) at the top right hand corner of the menu or simply click on your name to start editing. Click on the camera icon below your profile image to upload photo. You can click on the edit icon which looks like a pen to edit your information and follow the instructions on each section to continue editing.

Our system allows users to send private messages and also have private chats. Your privacy is of great most importance to us.

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