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How to use Teriler?

Teriler connects upcoming artistes and singers with show promoters, music producers and industry professionals.

We have made the interaction and connections between upcoming artistes, singers and musical industry professionals far more easier.

Yes, all upcoming artistes, singers, music producers, promoters and industry professionals seeking connections on our platform must make payment after registering. No submission will be processed without the payment.

There is no age age limit for using our platform, however in order to maintain a level of maturity on our platform registered users should be at least 11 years of age at the time of registration.

Our platform is open to all users around the world but with a focus on Africa. Most of the features are currently open predominantly to Africa.

Yes, all those seeking connections on our platform must first of all register.

In order to be connected on Teriler all upcoming singers, artistes, music producers and show promoters will have to register on our platform. The upcoming artistes and singers are required to submit a link of their work(s) or any freestyle for verification whereas the producer submits proof of identity.

Getting Started

Creating an account to join Teriler is very easy. Simply click on register button to create your account.

Once we have received your application and proof of payment, your work will be screened to ensure it meets our minimum standard. Remember to use a valid email address and phone number as these will be the means of pairing and reaching out to you.

After registration, all upcoming artistes and singers will have to pay a six months connection fee of N3350, this fee is to enable us process your request and keep you eligible on our platform. No application will be processed without this fee.

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